So I went to this house party, with a friend of mine who forced me to death to come along with her.
As soon as I entered through the door, I assumed that every possible being in that room was staring at me, and my friend disappeared with the blink of an eye.
And like always I started Searching for the corner to sit near, where no one could notice me, but not so oddly every corner was seized by couples! And I have to go for this balcony, well you can say it as, smoking zone; a tough place for a non-smoker like me.
I started pretending as if I’m doing something really important in my phone, and someone passed me a cigarette, that I rejected generously saying that I do not smoke.
“Well I’m also trying to quit, You know”.
*I’ve met a lot of people who say this, So my reaction was just a sarcastic look, look that he couldn’t digest*
“Oh, You don’t believe me, Do you?”
“Do you believe yourself? “
“Of course, I mean I only smoke 2 cigarettes a day now, Improvement, you see”
“Then why are you looking for validation?”
“I’m not, why would I? 
*with locking my phone down, I looked at him for the first time, But did not notice him, *
“well, it must be tough for you, quitting it,”
“and how can you be so certain about quitting being difficult for me,?”
“because I’m trying hard not to start smoking, you see”.
*He smiled.*
Then we started getting drunk, talking about the movies that were about to release that weekend, politics, music, constellations and everything else around and said all the words we never dared to whisper in the sober daylight to anyone with a familiar face.
That’s the thing about strangers, your secrets are always saved in the most dangerous way, secured with a care & judgement free password.
*As the party started getting over, we both knew that we do not want to see each other again, but said, well see you again, someday?*
It was almost 4:45 AM, and he left, and that’s when I noticed him, wanted to ask the name of the person behind that goddamn smile, but did not; actually could not.
Too many names in my contact complicate my life eventually.
And he left, giving me a feeling of not hating house party and smoked balcony anymore.